Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awkward & Shy

I hate being the new girl.

This may be surprising to you, but I'm actually pretty shy.

Now, once I get to know you, I'm pretty outgoing.

But being in places and being new and having to introduce myself and talk to others is totally out of my comfort level.

Don't get me wrong, I do it.  I make myself talk to others. But, it is so hard.  I remember a lady inviting me to be a part of their playgroup when the kiddos were little and it has stayed with me since then.  We became part of the group.  That's why I talk to people, because I know how it feels to be invited in.

I hate feeling awkward and left out.

So many people already know each other, have formed friendships and have watched each other's families grow.  

I feel like an invader.

When you are my age, and have kids already in school, it's really hard to find a friend that is exactly what you need.

I do have great friends.  Really, really, really great friends.  Unfortunately, not many of them live by me.  

So, I meet people, and introduce myself, and talk to them, and get all kinds of out of my comfort level.  
I try to get past my awkward and shy in the hopes that maybe this lady might be my new friend.


  1. I, too, am searching for a friend (or 2). I have some great friends, but I do not see them often or we are in different places physically and in life. Meeting people is quite painful sometimes, and a big hug to you to keep trying :)

  2. Thanks Tracy! It is very tough putting yourself out there. I'll be praying a friend comes your way too!


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