Saturday, October 22, 2011

Waxing Nostalgic Part XV

I should tell you that during this time, both of my brothers had me stressed and worried.  You see, they had both signed up for different branches of the National Guard right around the time I got married and both had been deployed to Iraq.  Keith left in March of 2004 and returned in March of 2005.  Kevin left in June 2005 and then returned right before C Girlie was born in August 2005.  Talk about adding to my stress! LOL.

So, back to the pregnancy.  It was now June.  I was over 30 weeks and our church had a table baby shower for us. We got so many nice things.  It was a wonderful church and we sure do miss the people!  We also received a lot of hand me down items from some close friends. We were so thankful for all we were given! 

Reading a note that Tim had written me, it seems that I was very uncomfortable, tired of taking my iron supplement that made me sick, and C Girlie apparently "kicked the fire out of me!" a lot, lol. 

In July, I made it to 34 weeks and that was a HUGE milestone! We thank God for the miracle of a long, healthy pregnancy with basically NO cervix!  The doctor gave me clearance to do more, but according to my journal I was weak from the bed-rest and didn't have the strength to do much!
Here I am at 36 weeks-
My water broke when I was 38 weeks and 5 days! Woohoo we made it almost to the due date! It broke at 1:45am. We lived and hour and a half from the hospital, but made it there in an hour! Tim certainly was NOT speeding, lol. I was hungry at this point and knew they would not let me have any food at the hospital, so I convinced Tim to run through the McDonald's drive thru real quick(they were the only place open)!  We had to wait 15 minutes for a lady to get a coffee!

We finally got to the hospital at 3:15am.  At 7:30 I was dilated to a 3 and really wanted an epidural.  The nurses thought that I should wait about an hour since I was only a 3.  When they came back an hour later with all the stuff for the epidural, it was too late.  I was ready to start pushing. I had a hard time pushing and did it for an hour and busted a lot of blood vessels in my face.  Finally one of the nurses coached me through how to correctly push and sweet C Girlie was born at 9:39am on August 16, 2005.  She was perfect, and had a ton of dark hair just like her momma had when I was born.  She weighed 5lbs 9oz and was 18 1/2 inches long.
to be continued.......

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