Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Field Trip

It's nice to open the newspaper and see "No. 9 Arkansas at Mississippi" No. 9!
Anyways, last week C girl had her first school field trip!
The trip was to a local pumpkin patch.  The B boy and I went along too!
"Mama, are we driving on rocks?" Oy, sigh. I'm raising some "city"fied children I tell ya. "Bubba, this is a dirt road.  Mama grew up on one of these."

I LOVE these two! My angel babies!
It was so much fun seeing her with her friends.  I cannot even explain how happy this made my heart. Those of you who know C girl know that she isn't always, "lovey." LOL.  To see her with her "bestest friend!" really touched me.
After the patch, we headed to a park to eat lunch and PLAY! (also, "play" is a sight word in our house now :-))
It was a really good day!


  1. How fun! Wonderful pics with lots of smiling faces...awesome! xxx

  2. It really was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I was able to go!

  3. Ok that picture of B...he looks just like your brothers!!!!

  4. So cute!! I cracked up at the "lovely" comment! It is so precious to see her with her friends and holding hands with her Bestie!

  5. Brockette- It kills me sometimes how much he looks like them!

  6. Jess- I knew you would know what I meant about her! I love seeing her with her friends though!


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