Friday, August 26, 2011

Do you watch TV?

Desperate Housewives. Brothers & Sisters. Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. Home Sweet Hollywood. Dancing with the Stars. American Idol. 19 Kids and Counting. The View. The Today Show.

Yeah, I used to watch them. 

What happened you ask?

I guess life happened.

After we moved last year, we had the passing of Tim's mother, the holidays and then we just weren't watching it very often.

Now, we have a kiddo in kindergarten who must be in bed by 8pm and her room is close to the living room, so we just don't turn it on.

But something has happened.  

There is a new show starting this Saturday and I am way more excited about it than I should be.

The Pioneer Woman has a new show on the Food Network. And y'all? I have a slight crush on her. 

I will be watching this show.  Like religiously.  Here's a sneak peek for her new show.

Do you watch TV?  Do you have just a certain few favorite shows?  Do you DVR them or watch them live?  I'd love to hear the skinny about your TV habits!


  1. Can of! I record The Young and the Restless, I watch it on Mondays and Fridays, and read a catch-up website. BL (Before Layla) we watched NCIS, CSI Miami, ER, some comedies, etc. Now, we are watching Big Brother. We always record these shows and watch them later. I would love to downsize our package, but the hubs MUST have football. So, I am easily addicted to shows so I just have to be careful and not get started.

  2. See, that's the thing. If it wasn't for the kiddos and their shows and Hubs having to have football, we would NEVER watch TV. I have not been into shows in a year. I don't miss it right now, but I know I will get back into some sort of TV again. And I'm like you, once I start, I can't stop! I'm like, ooooh a new episode of the Kardashians! I know! I admitted it! I love celeb shows!!!!

  3. I am soooo excited about her new show!! We have it set and ready to record!!!!!!

  4. Same here! I used to watch a lot of shows, but now that my lil Monkey is in kinder, I have to get up at 5:30 a.m. and I go to bed soon after my kids are in bed. Since I work full time, I pretty much come home, eat and get us all ready for bed. I did hear about the Pioneer Woman show, I may record it and watch it on the weekend when I have free time. :)

  5. Well my TV watching is all about to change!!!!!

  6. Well, it may not change at first when he is tiny, but it probably will when he gets bigger. I can't wait till he's here!


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