Friday, June 17, 2011


Yesterday was a trip down to Grandma's house. 
I have dentist appointments every 3-4 weeks and the kiddos are always excited about going to see Grandma and Pop Pop. 
This time was even more exciting because they got to visit with Uncle Keithy too! 
While we were in town, I decided to do some blueberry picking at the place where we picked them the previous 2 years. 
I love having fresh picked blueberries in the freezer year round! 
I use the blueberries for blueberry pancakes, smoothies, cakes and blueberry muffins!
Keithy brought along a friend who was a good sport about it all and really nice to the kiddos.
Look at those beautiful berries!
On the drive down, we passed through the area that was damaged by a tornado in May.  It still looks like a war zone there.  It really made me think about all of the people affected and how long it takes to get back to a normal life.  It seems that we forget about tragedies very quickly.  It also made me think about what we would do if something like that were to happen to us.  I know it's not something fun to think about, but I think it always helps to have some kind of plan.
My ortho appointment went pretty well.  My teeth are almost all lined up, but there are still two teeth in the back (molars) that have to be pushed forward.  I'm totally in this for the long haul. My orthodontist told me that I was going to be close to being one of his longest patients. That's always great to hear. Lol.

Another thing that has been on my mind a lot lately is how much you forget from when your kiddos are tiny.  That time from birth to one year.  Everything is such a blur and there was so much sleep deprivation and there was not a blog to write stuff down at.  I wish I could remember everything! Every second of holding them and listening to them "goo" and try to talk. Sigh. It's so sad that some of the sweetest moments go by incredibly too fast.

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