Monday, May 23, 2011

where all your dreams come true

The kids are dying to go to Disney.  They see the castle at the start of Disney movies and they think we can just load up in the van and go there.  Haha, it's not that easy kiddos. 

The other day, C girl asked about the saying, "where all your dreams come true."  Of course she took it literally.
Of course. 
She asked,"are all my dreams there?" "are my bad dreams there too?" 
 Cue record scratching sound.
Wait, what? 
 Of course not!  Why would you think that?  "Well it says where ALL my dreams come true." Ahhhhh, of course.  But, no.  It really just means your good dreams.  And actually it's just a saying because Disney is such a cool place to go.  And princesses are there. You know, princesses make everything better.  Oh, and Lightning McQueen is there too.  I had to throw that in there for B boy.  
So, maybe their saying should be "where all your good dreams come true."


  1. Good point! lol That's too cute. We were just watching a Disney movie and when I saw the castle, I made a comment that I wished we could take the kids in about 3-5 years there. My husband said he was more pressed to go to Mammoth Caves. My older daughter looked at him and said "Daddy, we can go to a cave ANYTIME! This is Disney world. You know, princesses, Tinker Bell." Apparently, he doesn't get the awesomeness, commercialism factor.

  2. You just reminded me to add Disneyland to my "to do" list with the grandkids.

  3. I think I am just as excited to go there as they are!


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