Friday, May 13, 2011

My 29 things to do while I was 29

1. Take the kids to a nice restaurant for breakfast.

2. Eat healthier.
I have been doing better about this!

3. Tone up.
I've been keeping a pretty consistent elliptical workout so that is good!

4. Do 50 push ups
I gave up on this since I started having nerve/muscle shoulder issues. Now I do what I can and go easy on it

5. Do a Bible study.
Sadly, I did not accomplish this, but I am working on doing it soon!

6. Take the kids to pick berries.
took the kids to pick blueberries and strawberries

7. Make freezer jam with the berries.
made 14 containers of freezer jam!

8. Take the kids to a baseball game.
Did not accomplish, but hope to real soon!

9. Do a Mother/Daughter and a Mother/Son day.
I have done a Mother/Daughter day, but still need to do a Mother/Son day.

10. Pay off the credit card!
It will be paid off this summer, so close enough!

11. Do more crafts with the kids.
This stayed about the same, but we do lots of fun, crafty things normally

12. Cook with the kids more.
 I did some baking with them, but I would like to start teaching them more about cooking in the kitchen

13. Keep the kiddos birthday stress free.
The party was wonderful and stress free!!!

14. Learn to speak more gently.
I did a good job doing better!

15. Ride paddleboats with the kids again.
Didn't get to do this, but hopefully this summer we will!

16. Have a magical time at the beach.
 sadly, this did not happen due to the oil spill. Darn BP! But we are going to the beach in June!

17. Take the kids to see Granny Dixon.
We did go visit Granny once more before she passed away.

18. Write in my journal more frequently.
I did do this!

19. Spend more time "tech-free."
I did not do this! But I don't let it affect my family time!

20. Take some great pictures on the beach or somewhere cool
We took picture in a couple of cool places and I plan to take more at the beach this summer

21. Write our names in the sand.
also did not happen due to the oil spill, but will in June

22. Drink more water.
I have definitely been doing more of this since I found out I had IBS

23. Follow where God leads me.
This requires much prayer and something I am striving for everyday.

24. Play more games with the kids.

25. Although I can't control this---get my braces off!!!
Maybe, just maybe by the end of the year...

26. Go horseback riding.

27. Get a couple of massages.
I didn't do this, but I am so scheduling one the day both kiddos go to school!

28. Get photographs organized completely.

29. Stay a night at the Lodge.

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