Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stream of consciousness- end of April 2011

I've had plenty of things going on this week.  We have had lots of storms.  The sun is out this morning for the first time in like a week.  The storms that started in Oklahoma have gone on to ravage the entire South.  The death toll when I just looked was at 196.  It literally breaks my heart.

<----Picture of tornado in Little Rock, AR

Tuesday, I had to go to Paris to an orthodontic appointment.  My mouth is pretty sore.  They are using springs to move a molar on each side forward.  While down there, we got to visit with my mom and my brother Keith.  The kiddos were very excited to see Uncle Keithy.  He was gone most of April and will be gone most of May for military training.

Yesterday, we had a great playdate with a good friend here in Bentonville.  The kids love playing with their friend Ryan.  What was really funny was how they were playing "storm."  They obviously were playing what they know!!!

Since Keith and Jessica are getting married in June, I have been planning her bridal shower.  This is the first shower I have ever hosted.  I am so excited about it!  Mainly because I love those two and am glad they are gettin hitched!  This week I have been working on the invitations which I am making myself.  I have also been planning the menu and figuring out what all needs to be purchased.
Soon, I'm going to have to start planning our trip out to Georgia.  We have the resort booked, but I'm big on planning the drive as well!  They are getting married on Tybee Island.  I am so excited to go!

Another big thing is that May is just about upon us.  This is a BIG month in our family.  We have many birthdays, it is our wedding anniversary month, Mother's Day is in May and there are always graduations and such.  Plus, my nephew Noah will make his grand debut in the next couple of weeks! 

This year in May, I'm turning the big 3-0! Yikes!

I'm looking forward to rocking my 30's!!!

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