Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friends, food, fun & fashion

Jessica came up Friday night to spend the weekend with us!

We miss getting to spend lots of time with her!

We grilled out and I made a yummy dessert for everyone to enjoy.

We played outside and enjoyed the wonderful weather and then we went inside and all played Scrabble Junior!
 C loves when Jessica puts her hair in braids!!!

On Saturday, Jessica and I went out for a girl's day of shopping!

We totally tried out some stores we had never been to before.  I had heard of Plato's Closet, but had never been.  Have you ever been to one?

It is an awesome used clothing store that is geared towards teens and twenty-somethings. And yes, I'm still a twenty-something...

I got a few cute things while there!

What do you think of the dress and top?

We also went to Party City to get ideas for her bridal shower, baby shower and my kiddos birthdays.  It was a B-L-A-S-T!!!  Jessica and I seem to make shopping the most hilarious and fun thing ever!!!  We have so many funny memories from our numerous shopping trips.  We really should write a book, but most of it would only be funny to us!

I missed having my brother come along with Jessica.  He is very busy this year going to multiple military training schools and camps.  We all missed our Keithy!

We topped Saturday night off with a trip to On the Border!  I love their food!

We had a very lazy, relaxing Sunday.  Sometimes you just need days like that!

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