Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Waxing Nostalgic Part V

***I made some updates to all the previous Waxing Nostalgic posts.  It's just some things I wanted to add after I went back and read them; a little more detail and such.

During the fall of my sophomore year (Fall 2000), I was busy working, declaring my major, and partying.  And specifically, partying with fraternity guys.  It was at one of these parties that I met Karri.  She was seeing one of the guys and her and I started talking and really hit it off.  From then on, we were besties.  We did everything together.  We had a blast hanging out, meeting new people and going to parties. 

One day, a bunch of the fraternity guys were at my apartment complex with some of the new pledges.  I met one that I had not met before, J.  I instantly liked him.  I didn't see him again for a little while, but the next time I saw him, we started talking.  We started seeing each other that fall.  Things became more serious as the months went by.  

Things weren't going well for me with the other girl I was living with.  She and her boyfriend were definitely trying to make my life miserable!  I finally found a new apartment to move into during the spring.  I felt very serious about J and we had been dating for months and I had met his family and friends and went on trips to his hometown.  I asked him to move into my new apartment with me.  And he did.  We were basically kids playing house. 

It was now the spring of 2001.  I was now working at a grocery store.  One day after work I got a cat from a lady giving away puppies.  She is still my cat today, my Koonta Poonta.  I was also traveling a lot during this time.  I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Memphis in May twice, South Padre Island for Spring Break, San Francisco for a cousin's wedding and some other places as well. 

2001 was a good year for us.  The summer flew by and I was starting my junior year of college.  At some point, I started working at Dixie Cafe as a waitress.  It was my junior year of college and I was preparing my degree audit and trying to figure out what exactly I was going to do after I graduated.  At this point, J was definitely part of those plans.  The months were flying by and I was having a blast.  I was enjoying hanging out with my friend Karri and a new friend I had made in my classes, Paula.  She was pursuing a degree in Hospitiality Administration just like me.  It seemed like no time and 2002 was upon me.   

I can't remember the exact timeframe, but at some point, J decided that he needed a little more freedom.  He wasn't breaking up with me, he just was moving into a house with some fraternity brothers.  It soooo ended up being a party house.  It was probably the beginning of the end for us now that I can see from hindsight.  That, and the fact that I was still only 20 and not able to go to all the places that he was able to go to.  

to be continued...

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