Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Award!

Thanks for an award from Minnick's Musings!  You are supposed to give 7 random things about yourself & then hand them off.

So, without further ado....

1.  I always seem to have some sort of project going on.  Always.  I guess it keeps me young, lol.

2.  I'm a voracious reader.  I read everyday just about.  I even feel weird if I don't have a book on my nightstand to read.

3.  My husband and I LOVE playing backgammon.  I know it's very vintage, but we love when we get to play it!

4.  I love to take photos of everyday things because I know I will forget so much about everyday life as the years go by.  So yeah, that cute toothbrush in the previous blog, that's the kind of stuff I love to snap!

5.  I love making flower arrangements.  Any that you see in my house, I've probably made.

6.  I'm very frugal.  Sometimes it really drives Tim crazy.  But also, I like to shop.  So I guess I'm frugal with certain things and not frugal with others.  So, I really don't know how that would be described!

7.  And I know this will make my hubby laugh out loud because he so knows it's true, I can't stand when the area around a sink gets wet!  I'm always wiping up after someone!
I'm handing off to.....
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