Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vacuums, exercising, and puzzles

Yesterday I cleaned out the insides of my vacuum cleaner.  I know.  Me So Glamorous.  It was nasty with a capital N.  It really makes me wonder about carpet sometimes.

Ever since  my pinched nerve flared up last week, I have been contemplating my exercise routine.  I had recently started up again by doing sit ups and push ups.  Yea.  Apparently these things just are not doing it for my neck.  Sooo, I started back up with the elliptical.  But guess what?  The kids have messed with the computer part of it and ran the batteries out.  So now, I don't have to constantly see how long I have been working out and approximately how many calories I am burning.  It is soooo liberating!

The kiddos hit another milestone yesterday!  They put together a 100-piece puzzle all alone!  More than once!  I'm so proud of them! 
Thanks "aunt" Jessica for the puzzle!  The kiddos wanted to make sure you got to see pictures of their accomplishment!

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  1. Yay! I'm so proud of them, I knew they could do it!!! I will have to find a new one for them to tackle!


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