Monday, September 20, 2010

Prayers Needed

I don't know who all reads this blog.  It's a blog about our family that I share with our family.  Right now, our family needs prayer.  Tim's mother has recently been diagnosed with blockage in all her arteries, neck and legs and she needs a new aortic valve.  The first doctor told her that he didn't think she would make it through the surgery.  She got a second opinion and this doctor is willing to start with doing the bypasses and aortic valve replacement.  Rheba has been having severe chest pain and severe shortness of breath.  She is very weak.  But I know my God works miracles.  Please, if you have just a second, send up a prayer for Rheba.  We greatly appreciate it.  We think that the surgery will be on Wednesday morning.  We are leaving in the morning to join the family and travel down to Little Rock to the Arkansas Heart Hospital. 

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  1. You know I will be praying! Honestly wish I could be there some! Send her love from Keith and I!


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