Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Current news about Rheba

Well, I was going to write tonight about Rheba still doing well.  However, that all changed at about 5:30 this evening.  But actually, I have to go back a little further.  She has been complaining of severe stomach pain since she came to after surgery.  It has kept her from walking around much and kept her from eating.  She had apparently not gone to the bathroom in about 9 days.  So, somehow this caused her to go into cardiac arrest this evening.  They finally got her stable and starting running tests to try and find out what is wrong.  Everything was pointing to stomach/intestine issues.  There was even the possibility of going in for surgery tonight.  Well, not long ago the doctor came in to tell them that during the cardiac arrest episode, she vomited and some of it went into her lungs.  It is causing inflammation and she is developing aspiration pneumonia.  She needs lots of prayers right now.  They are giving her medication to treat it and watching her to see how she is doing.

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