Thursday, August 26, 2010

You have to take the good with the not-so-good

Yesterday we found out some not-so-good news.  Tim's mom has been battling pain in her legs for some time now.  She had seen her doctor and been referred to the Arkansas Heart Hospital for some tests.  The doctor had previously done a stress test but those results were lost.  Anyways, yesterday she went to Little Rock to the Heart Hospital to have a dye test done.  I got a call from Tim's sister yesterday explaining how it went.  They had a very hard time even getting the dye through her because her arteries are so clogged.  She needs a bypass, a new valve and stints in her legs.  However, the doctor does not want to do surgery.  He believes that in her condition, she would likely have a major stroke and be bedridden or not even make it through surgery.  We are all shocked, scared, sad and a host of other emotions.  They are going to put her on some medications and watch her.  Please keep our family in your prayers.

Last night, Tim called on his way home for work and said that we were going to have our first houseguest (overnight, not just houseguest we have had those).  Rick, Tim's BFF, was coming to stay the night because he had a meeting in Bentonville this morning.  The kids were so excited!  They loved having a guest especially Rick!  They even gave him one of their little "surprise" birthday parties!  We had a good visit and even watched a movie together.  OH! And we found out the date that him and his fiance' Brittnie are getting married!  I'm sooo excited that we have two weddings to go to next year of people who are so dear to us!

A couple of funny kiddisms from lately:  We were at a park the other night and our kids were the only ones there at first.  A little boy came with his family but was a little shy.  After a bit of trying to get his attention, the little boy started playing with them and C said, "Mama, I made him interested!"  Oh baby, that will be the first of many times....
B has been obsessed with the scale lately.  He has been weighing about 40lbs., but he wants the numbers on the scale to go up.  Every time he eats, he has to go weigh after.  He gets very excited when the scale says, 4-1.-2!  So funny.

So, this morning, I thought it would be a great idea to take the kids to this little park I found that had some beautiful flowers and take their pictures.  The weather outside was amazing.  As I saw on someones Facebook status, it was "outdoorable!"  It was in the 50's and 60's this morning.  However, things rarely work out how I want them to with my kiddos.  B didn't like the sun in his eyes and then we got sprayed by the automatic sprinklers!  I did get a few good shots though!

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  1. The silly face is my favorite!! And by the way your first overnight houseguest was me, remember :-( Lol!


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