Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Week 8: Elvis

I'm kind of torn with how this episode of Idol went.  On one hand, there were a couple of great performances.  However, other did not wow and even the great ones weren't anything unusual for those contestants.  I'm mean people, this was the King of Rock N Roll!

So, Crystal started off the night.  I really enjoy her.  I love how she is so real and just does her own "thang."  To me, she has just stayed constant.  So on that note, it didn't really thrill me, but as always, it was awesome.

Andrew was up next.  I think that he could have done so.much.more. with this song.  I mean he has a style deep down that he taps into every once in awhile.  I just wish he could tap into it more often...

Then we have Tim or has he is now known, Turban.  I almost fell off the couch when Ryan Seacrest said that!  Don't ask me why I found it so funny.  He is the ultimate little American Idol heartthrob.  I bet tween girls all across America are swooning when he looks in the camera and gives his famous smile.  He sang "I can't help falling in love with you."  *swoon*  He did really good.  For Tim.  Just kidding, he really did good.

Lee just keeps getting better and better in my opinion.  I know I've said how much I love his voice, but I really LOVE his voice.  That raspiness. Mmmmm!  Sorry, I had a moment!

Next up was little Aaron.  I have a fond affection for him.  I suppose because he is so young.  And he has an amazing voice.  I think song choice plays a huge role for him.  The second half of his song was way better than the first half last night.  He just needs some ooomph to get things going. 

Oh Siobhan.  Why did you let them do that to your hair???  During the mentoring with Adam Lambert, her hair looked so normal.  But then, during the performance, it was a different color and just whoa.  I really am tired of the "two voice" comparisons.  No one has two voices.  Her low, slow voice sucks and she only sounds good when she is loud and doing high notes.  And she does sound good, part of the time.  Did I just compare her two voices? crap. sorry. I'm just not impressed if you can't tell.

Michael sang one of my favorite Elvis songs. (Thanks to my hubs for introducing me to it). "In the Ghetto" is such a moving song and Michael really gave it feeling and I was captivated by his performance.  Loved it.

The finale of the night was Casey.  Lordy. He is a looker.  So, anyways, he sounded good too.  I would definately go see him play.  Nothing spectacular last night, but good as always.

My predictions for who might go home have been sucking. (Apparently America and I don't see eye to eye!) But I'll try again...I say Andrew and Aaron.

The Results:
Wow. Wow. Wow. I watched the show this morning (I had DVR'd it) and I was crying. Literally crying. I mean I know I said Andrew would be one to probably go home but that doesn't mean that I don't love him as an artist. I didn't realize I would be that emotional about it.

And then....Katie is the second one to go home. I literally could not believe it. When it was her and Big Mike standing there, I was thinking, man that stinks that the judges saved him last week and now he is going home. And then Ryan said one was going home and one was not even in the bottom 3. And it still didn't hit me. I'm so sad. I really enjoyed Katie. I really think she should have stayed over Tim and Aaron. But that's just my opinion...

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