Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Week 7: Lennon & McCartney

   Oh, how I have been waiting for a great show!  It just seems lately like only a few people have had great performances, but last night was really great and entertaining! 
     The song options this week were the songs of Beatles legends, Lennon and McCartney.
Aaron started off the night.  For me, his performance fell flat. I know that he could have done much better than he did and he could have picked a better song.  The "oooooohhhhsss" in the background were very annoying too!
Katie-  YEAH girl!!!  I was sooooo impressed with her last night! I thought it was the best performance of hers that I have seen yet!
*****on a side note, my son (3 1/2) is in love with Kara.  He calls her his "sparkly" girl.  And true to form, she was wearing sparkly clothes yet again last night!*****
Andrew- his performance was good, but not spectacular...still better than his rendition of "Genie in a bottle" for sure!
Michael- or better known as Big Mike, geez do they say it enough?  Anyways, it was his most riveting performance ever! It was amazing.
Crystal- it was very very good as usual.  I wouldn't say that it was any better than most performances.  But still, an amazing amazing talented artist.
Tim- a very decent performance from Tim this week.  It wasn't silly or corny and I really liked the guitar again.  What he doesn't have in talent he makes up for in charm.
Casey- very good performance and very, very moving.  His emotion he showed in the song was different than what I had seen from him before.
Siobhan- I didn't like the song and it sounded very quiet and like her words were all running together.  Her last note was very pretty though.
Lee- was great!  He performed Hey Jude.  I thought he did awesome!!!  Even the bagpipe player did not deter me from his greatness!

I think Aaron and Andrew should be worried this week....

The Results:
What?! Michael Lynche? He had the lowest votes? I was shocked. I'm still shocked actually. In my opinion, Aaron, Tim and Andrew should have been below him. Obviously there are some big fan bases. Wow. I'm very glad that the judges used the save on Mike. Oh, what will happen next week? Two will go home! Yikes!

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