Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Week 6: R & B

Siobhan- started off the show.  I really did not enjoy her song and she sounded incredibly pitchy to me which is unusual for her.
Michael- his song was beautiful but kinda boring.
Casey- he's a ROCKSTAR!
Didi- so this was supposed to be this incredibly emotional song for her.  Even when Usher was mentoring her, she broke down crying.  The performance, however, had zero emotion.  I was so disappointed!  I really thought she would let it shine this week.
Tim- ok, his staring at the camera like he was really cracked me up!  It was an average performance overall.
Andrew- finally, finally, finally had a great performance again!  It's back to his goodness....hopefully!
Katie- she did good and seemed to connect with the audience more.
Lee-  for me, it was not my favorite, but he is still AMAZING!
So, I'm really sad.  I had the TV paused and I was messing around with the DVR while we were waiting to start the show again and I lost Crystal and Aaron's performances.  I though that I could watch them on iTunes and I can for $1.49 a piece!  No thanks!  They probably did good and I'll probably just see them next week!

The Results:
Oh Didi!! I'm sooo sad! I definately think she has more talent than Tim Urban, but that's what happens when it is up to the voters. I'm really not sure who I think my favorite is. I'm interested to see how the next few weeks play out. At least Didi made it to the top 10 and will get to tour!

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