Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday: Day 1 without Daddy

Well, today was the first day without Tim and the second night. I only cried twice today. That's good right?! The hardest part has been B Boy at bedtime. He is fine all day long and just falls to pieces at bedtime. They spilled a big cup of milk before bedtime and that is what started the crying. I know, I know, don't cry over spilled milk! But I just mopped today!
I have realized today that C Girlie is really growing up. She is so understanding of things and I think she sort of realizes how hard this is on me. She is very cooperative at bedtime when B Boy is falling apart. Usually it is her that we have trouble getting to go to bed. She pointed to and recognized every letter in the alphabet, which she has known for a while, she knows how to play Cranium Cariboo (a learning game for kids) correctly and all by herself, and she also put together a 24 piece puzzle on her own today! This is a huge feat for her because neither one of the kiddos have very much patience! They get frustrated very easily but we are trying to work with them on that!
C and I made biscuit pizzas tonight. They were surprisingly VERY good! You take canned biscuits and spread them out like a pizza dough and then add your toppings and stick them in the oven. It was quite a fun supper!

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