Friday, August 14, 2009

Momma's feeling chatty today.....hehe!

-----B Boy had a great day yesterday! Thanks for all the calls and Happy Birthday wishes from friends and family! B Boy got to go the library and pick out some of his favorite books, we went to the park, which is always a favorite pastime, and we went to visit Grandma and Pop Pop for lunch. B also got some special treats throughout the day. We will celebrate as a family today when Tim gets home and the official party will be Sunday evening.

-----I haven't posted much about what's going on with me lately so....I have been trying to get back on a schedule. This summer has definately thrown us off! I will be starting new lessons with the kiddos and getting back into other routines we had. I have begun menu planning again and storytime starts in less than a month. We are regular church attendees but this summer we have not attended as much as I would like. We will be going on Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings again.
I have still been reading a lot. I was reading off a list of great novels and I still am to some extent. I went through a period in the early summer where it seemed as if someone always killed themself in every classic novel I read! I was getting pretty depressed about it, so I went for some lighter reading! I read Nicholas Sparks' "Nights in Rodanthe." It was a great summer read. Then I moved on to John Grisham. I have not read John Grisham in a while because I have read every book of his except the two recent ones, "The Appeal" and "The Associate." I started with "The Appeal." It was a great book, but the ending was not as satisfying as I had hoped it would be. I thought, the next one will be better. Oh, and it was! It was about law, and spying and espionage! It was thrilling! And then the end of the book. Not so thrilling. What is up John Grisham? Give me a good ending!!!! Well, it's not that they are not good, they just kind of leave you there. I can't stand when books or movies just leave you hanging there!
I have also been slacking on reading the Word of God this summer. Shame, shame, shame on me! I know it should be a daily occurence and I have prayed for forgiveness. I feel like a new woman when I am in the Word. I'm not real sure how I slumped off but Lord forgive me! His Word is just a breath of new life to every day!

-----I have stopped packing up the house. I have about 15 boxes packed, but until we start to get some serious interest in the house, I'm not packin! I am cleaning though! I have slacked off on deep cleaning this summer too! What has this woman been doing all summer you ask? Mainly just reading and taking care of the kiddos and stressing out!!! Things are good though and we are getting our groove back! Oh yeah, and I have been scanning old photos from my old photo albums and putting the important ones on the computer. I took a LOT of pics when I was younger! I'm so glad I have them now, but it is a lot of pictures! I have also been helping plan my high school class's 10 year reunion! We are having it the first of October. I'm very excited about it and seeing everyone, but I will be glad when the planning will be finished. I may not take any more commitments for the rest of the year!

-----I am really looking forward to the fall. I honestly think that it is my favorite time of year. I CANNOT wait for football, especially the Hogs! I am highly anticipating my yearly trip to Texas to see one of my great friends from college. Her phone calls help me get through the week. We both have two little ones and we both love God. It is so great to have her! I'm just looking forward to family activities that we do in the fall and around the holidays. I love our traditions and how much the kids are learning and remembering.

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend. Mine will be exciting that's for sure!

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