Monday, September 3, 2012

A Barbie birthday party and a Star Wars birthday party

My kiddos only get spoiled a couple of times a year.
One of those times is their birthdays.
We have two miracle babies and we are so overjoyed to have them.
I absolutely love that their birthdays are 3 days apart.
I hope that it is a little extra thing that will help keep them close all their life.
Uncle Keith, Aunt Jessica, & baby Parker came down early on Saturday to visit. 
They gave the kiddos their presents then as well.
Obviously, the kids loved their gifts!
Aunt Jessica fixed the pretty girl up for her party.
Momma spent a LOT of time decorating...
And I got to squish on nephews!!!! 
They are getting so big!
This picture makes me laugh SO hard!!!
He was so excited about all of his Star Wars stuff!!!
 Yoda popcorn!!!
 Grandma love!
 I'm very proud of myself for how well her cake turned out!
 Sibling love 
 We are so blessed with all the family and friends that came to celebrate <3
We truly missed those who could not make it!
The kids have so many memories of so much family being at birthday parties. 
They love it and I love it!
Another nephew to squish on!!! Love him!
And my big nephew who is an amazing artist!!!


  1. You did such a great job! You're a wonderful Mommy!

  2. Oh Lenette! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kitchen ceiling decor!!! Yo must have worked so hard on it!! It had to be worth it though because it looks fabulous!!!! the barbie cake was so cute!! Great job!!

  3. You guys are so sweet! Thank you for the compliments!


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