Friday, September 9, 2011


This sweetie pie started part time preschool this week.

He LOVES it.

We had some other beginnings recently as well.

We have been attending our church for about a year, but we have only been attending the worship service. We decided that we wanted to be more involved in our church.  We started Sunday school a few weeks ago.  It has been great.  This has allowed us to actually meet and interact with people at church rather than just come and sit during worship and then go home.
The Ladies Bible study started up again this week, and I went!  It was so great to meet some great ladies!  The class I chose is going to do a Beth Moore study and I'm very excited!
The kiddos started AWANAs this week.  They absolutely loved it!  I feel as a parent, that I have a responsibility to make sure that my children learn about God.  I feel so blessed that our church has these wonderful programs and so many people willing to work and teach.

This sweetie pie said "Hurry up, I'm ready to do my homework!" I wonder how long she will be this excited about homework?!

What new beginnings are going on with you?

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