Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Today is Tim's birthday! I love celebrating in general, and I especially love celebrating birthdays!
I got up super early this morning (which is a big deal for me!) and went to get donuts to surprise him with.  I'm also going to make him a special dinner tonight and we are going to finish it off with the cake he requested- butter yellow with my yummy chocolate icing!

Yesterday, I took the kids to the park with a friend and they all got SUPER filthy. 
On the way home, I called Tim and asked him to start the bath water.  
He called me a few minutes later and said, I dropped my phone in the tub and it still works, but what should I do?!  
I told him to put it in some rice.  
Everything seemed to be working fine except when you talked on it, you could not hear the other person well.  
Well, this morning, that issue was resolved but then we noticed the camera on his phone was fogged up :-( 
(His phone is an iPhone 4S btw, eek!). 
I was so sad that his phone camera might be damaged.  Well, right before lunch he called and told me that he thinks it seems to be fine again! 
Praise the Lord!  Those are expensive phones!

Also, my house may smell a little cinnamon-y right now.  
We have been having a little trouble with some invading ants.
Apparently they are repulsed by cinnamon, so I have sprinkled in the areas they are creeping in!
I'm so glad to find something natural to repel them with, I hate bug poisons!


  1. Peppermint Oil works wonders too! We had a problem with them last year and I put peppermint oil all over the edges of the kitchen counter and soaked cotton balls in the oil and spread them around...the ants were gone in just a few days...and haven't been back...fingers crossed!!!

  2. Thanks Brock! I had read that too, and it was gonna be my next trick! I just want them to leave!!! LOL


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