Sunday, August 14, 2011


That word encompasses how I have felt about the past couple of weeks.  

It's funny, no matter how long or how much you prepare for something, sometimes it still sneaks up on you.

I've really been preparing for stuff all summer.  We prepared for vacation and a wedding.  We have been preparing C girl for kindergarten.  We have been preparing for C girl and B boy's birthday party.

And here it is now, and most of that stuff is finished with.  But tomorrow, my firstborn will go to kindergarten.  I've prepared by preparing her, I've bought school clothes and school supplies.  I've planned out menus and bought a lunch box.

But, I'm still not sure if I'm prepared.  

This is a big change for us.  

B boy will be home with just me for 3 weeks until preschool starts. And preschool is not even a full day thing.  How will he be with his big sister and best friend not with him every second of every day?

Tomorrow is the first day of our new journey.  I have to remember to breathe.

Here are some photos of last week and this weekend:
Meet the teacher night-
Little toes-
Maternity pictures for my SIL, Jessica-
Happy Birthday B boy
Happy Birthday C girl
Tim loving on baby Noah-
My silly brother-
Me getting some Noah love-


  1. It is a totally different way of life once your Big Kid starts school. My advice is to volunteer as much as you can---it'll help you feel more connected. And closer to your little girl. I'd say that everything will be all right, but I'm sure you've heard that tons by now, but what I will say is that it's exciting, sad, happy, heartbreaking all at once. It will get easier, but I still get tears in my eyes when I send mine off that first day. This year we're looking at senior year of high school and 6th grade. Here's to us moms! : )

  2. Lots of great photos! I can't even imagine what a wreck I will be when A gets to kindergarten, lol. ;)

  3. Thanks for the support girls! She did really well going to the classroom and us leaving! I didn't cry until I was out running errands. I'm sure I will continue to have "moments" with it! It is all of those emotions bottled up together!


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