Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hello September,

Wow, it's September already.  It doesn't seem possible that another year is almost over.

Yesterday was rough for me.  I was supposed to go to Paris and get some things out of the house and go for my orthodontic visit.  I woke up early and came to the computer room to check our bank balance since yesterday was payday.  I was sitting there, when all of a sudden, I started having spams in my upper back/left shoulder/neck area.  It was really painful.  About an hour later, it was so bad that I could barely move.  I proceeded to reschedule my dentist appointment and I made an appointment to see a local doctor.

My appointment was at 3:30.  The doctor was very nice and thorough.  He asked me if I had ever experienced a pinched nerve before.  I actually have I said.  I had a horrible day on my 28th birthday.  I couldn't move then either.  And the doctor I went to see then said it sounded like a pinched nerve.  So, now it seems that I must have a disc that has bulged and presses down on a nerve.  Since it doesn't heal back in a perfect circle like it should, it can flare back up and repeat as it did yesterday.  The doctor had me have a cervical spine Xray to see if I had any spinal mal-alignment.  I haven't heard the results of that yet.  For now, I'm on ibuprofen, muscle relaxers and prednisone.  I feel better than yesterday, but it is still very tight and sore.  The pain yesterday was so intense.  I feel for anyone who has ever experienced a pinched nerve.  I will have to be careful the kinds of things I do from now on.  Apparently the sit ups and push ups I have been doing, may not be the best thing for me to do.  We will see how it goes after I feel normal again.

I hope I feel tons better by this weekend.  We are having multiple guests this weekend.  I've got to work on the menu and all that fun stuff! 

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