Thursday, July 31, 2014

thoughts on parenting and how time flies

Tomorrow, my kids begin 2nd and 3rd grade. 
In two weeks, they will be turning 8 and 9.
I'm equal parts sad that they are growing up and excited to see what this year holds in store.

I've been thinking about life and parenting a lot lately. Some days I feel immense pressure in being a mother and an example. I feel like I never measure up. 
At times, I feel like my patience is completely gone and I feel so selfish and want to be alone.
Other days, I feel so comfortable as a parent and so sure about how I am doing and that just spending time with the kids is enough.

My hope for them is that they grow up to be happy, respectful, giving, kind people who find a relationship with Christ. I want them to know that relationships and people are what matter the most in life.

I'm not sure how it simultaneously feels like I have had these kids forever and that time has flown by. I only have 11 more years with kids at home. That does seem like a long time, but in my heart, I know that it will go quickly and they will be flying from the nest.

I created these graphics of some quotes that really speak to me about being a parent.
How does parenting have you feeling right now?

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