Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend in Review | Day in the Life: Monday

I was sickly last week, but we decided to go out for dinner on Friday night.  We had a good dinner, but the kiddos were exhausted from the week and went to bed early! Score! Tim and I watched Breaking Dawn part 1- I'm so excited the part 2 comes out this week!

Saturday was a lazy day.  I did have good intentions, but my energy level was low.  It's sad too because John McCain was speaking for Veteran's Day on our square on Saturday morning.  We watched our Hogs lose to South Carolina :( BUT, the Alabama vs. Texas A&M game turned out to be excellent, so that was good! I also finished reading Pride and Prejudice and started reading The Fault in our Stars.

Sunday was Veteran's Day, my friend Kelly's birthday and of course, church.  I am so thankful for our pastor.  He is not afraid to preach the truth to us.  The point of his sermon was that the government and all of our problems are not from politics.  That is all a side effect.  The real problem, is that we as Christians are not doing our part to share the love of Christ with the lost.  Why do we expect the lost to behave like they are saved?!  It's impossible for them.  It was God's commandment for us to spread the good news. Sadly, we need to do a much better job at that.
I got to take B Boy to a swimming birthday party Sunday afternoon.  It was at the indoor pool of a local hotel. B had a B-L-A-S-T!
Daddy took C girlie to choir and GA's. 
We got laundry and mopping done- so a good start to the week! (That rarely happens!)
Alarm goes off at 5:45.
I get out of bed at 6:40.
Go to the kitchen to make the kids and Tim's lunches.
Fix C Girl's hair. By the way, she is usually the hard one in the morning, but today she is super!  B Boy, on the other hand, is sleepy and grumpy.
Get Tim and the kids out the door by 7:05.
I had to make sure we were all bundled up- it was in the mid 20's this morning.
Get myself dressed and makeup on.
I am out the door by 7:30 to go to the clinic for more lab work.
On the drive to the clinic, I'm glad to see that the rain did not cause the trees to lose many leaves.  I'm happy about that because the trees are so very beautiful this year.
I am back home by 8:30.
Make myself breakfast and coffee and head to the computer to blog.
I also check Twitter, Facebook and email.
I clean up around the house until it's time to go thrift shopping!
Two of the thrift stores that I wanted to try for the first time are closed on Mondays, boo!
But, I did have luck at two others!  Got the kids some good clothes and books and I got a shelf thing for my dining room. Score!
I have to run to Walmart to get a few essential groceries for the week on the way home.
I got home at 1:30, just in time to unload the shelf, eat lunch, blog a minute, and then it's time to head to the school to pick up kiddos!
I read for a few minutes in the car line.  I get the kiddos and then we head home.
It's about 3 pm.  I show them the purchases from the day and they love their new clothes and the shelf.
We pick up and organize our stuff from the day.
I decide to be lazy and read while I let the kids watch a little TV.
4:15, it's time to start picking up the kitchen and getting ready to make dinner.
4:30, Tim calls to say he will be a little late- thankfully only 30 minutes.
5:15, Tim gets home and supper is just about ready.
We show daddy all the stuff from the day and finish getting everything ready, then sit down as a family to eat.
6:00, we have finished with supper and have a little dessert.
Next, we decide to do a puzzle as a family.
By 6:35, it's about time to go and get pajamas on.  While doing that, we work on picking up their rooms together.  We also picked out readers for the month and the chapter book that Tim will read to them every night.  We picked "Little House in the Big Woods" for the book.
7:00pm, we sit down on the couch and Daddy reads a book, C Girlie reads a book, B Boy reads a book, and then Daddy starts the first chapter of "Little House in the Big Woods."
Afterwards, we get the kiddos their bedtime snacks, help with teeth brushing, tuck them in, sing songs, say prayers, and pray they are out for the night! (They usually are because they are exhausted from the day!)
At this point, it is about 8pm. I'm pretty tired, but I get the kitchen semi-organized and ready for the morning.
Then, I go to wash off my makeup and do my dental care.
Tim and I usually read in bed for an hour or so before we turn out the lights.


  1. i love a good bargain too! where do you like to shop?

    i wish my hubby got home at 5:15pm. he's more like 7:45pm :(

    1. I got some good stuff today at Little Darlings in town!


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