Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Christianity Crisis

Although this is not a political post, I will mention politics.

This is a subject that has been grieving my heart for the last couple of years.

It seems these days that there is a Christianity crisis.  

You may be wondering what that crisis is.

I can only explain what I believe the crisis to be.

First of all, the place where I have seen the issue abounding is social media.  People are VERY open about what they think/believe when they are behind their computer.

What has grieved my heart so much is how some people who are Christians have acted/expressed themselves.

I will set the stage and say that I live in a state that is pretty Republican these days.

The first point of this crisis is how some Christians, who are mainly Republicans, express their political belief.  It seems very evident from the posts I have read this election season, that if you are Christian, then you need to be Republican (according to them).  As well as the fact that if you are not for them, then you are against them and everything that they believe.

I don't express my own personal political beliefs to very many people.  I will say that I am a Christian and I vote, but I cannot put faith in one man or one party no matter which man or party that may be.  I also will not begrudge people who feel differently than me about issues.

The second point of this crisis is how Christians are being perceived.  I noticed this immediately after the election results came in.  Pure ugliness began to flow.  I saw post after post of such ugliness.  

But, then, I also saw post after post of people saying how unbelievable those posts were, and how they had lost respect for certain people and how terrible these posts were portraying these Christian people.

This brings me to the major crisis for Christianity.  I know that we believe Christ and the Bible and how we live our lives will reflect that.  I don't know where we should draw the line at expressing/imposing our beliefs.

I believe as Christians, we may turning more people away from Christ with all of the ranting and raving that is going on.  Who would see the love of Christ and His saving grace in all the ugliness that has just transpired?

Sure, you may be utterly disappointed in how the election turned out.  But is that truly what our job here is about?  

SO many people in our country do not know the Lord and that will not change based on who is in office.  It WILL change if those who do not know Him can see Him in us. 

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  1. YES! This has been grieving my heart, too. People might stop seeking the love of Christ if they don't see it in His people.


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